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Universal Sheath for Hammer Hatchets

Universal Sheath for Hammer Hatchets

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This sheath is designed to fit most hammer hatchets with 3.5” blades. It MAY fit hatchets with blades up to 3.75” and down to 3.0” but it is not possible to know for sure.

I can’t guarantee that it will fit all hammer hatchets with 3.5” blades but it does fit the 8 different hatchets I have in my shop. If it doesn’t fit your hatchet, the sheath can be returned (you will have to pay postage) for a refund.

The sheath is made of 5-7 oz full grain leather with heavy stitching. The different colors may be different leather with various characteristics but they are all very high quality.

The Saddle Tan & Oiled sheath is hand dyed, treated with a leather oil and then “hot stuffed” with a conditioner made of oils and waxes. The color will vary from sheath to sheath but it’s a very high quality finish.

The sheath will ship in the center position but the Chicago Screw “WILL NOT BE TIGHT”. Once you select the right position for your strap you will need to tighten the screw. The application of a threadlocker (not supplied, blue type) is highly recommended as the screw will back out if threadlocker is not used.

This listing is the for the sheath only. THE HATCHET IS NOT INCLUDED.

This design is available in different colors. If you would like one that you don’t see listed please message me.


English Bridal Leather, Brass, Steel Chicago Screws

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