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The Slick Card Carrier & Wallet

The Slick Card Carrier & Wallet

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Primary color

This is a full grain leather wallet/card holder designed to hold 5 or more cards in a very small package.  When new the wallet typically holds 5 comfortably but can be stretched over time to hold many more.  The wallet measures approximately 4x3 inches and will sit very comfortably in a front or back pocket.

The cutout at the bottom of the wallet allows for easy access to the cards even if you have them packed in there tight.  Just push the cards up with a finger, select the one you want and push the rest back down.

These wallets will patina very nicely over time.

The burgundy wallet has a burgundy front and natural back, it's a great color combination.


    English Bridal Leather, Brass, Steel Chicago Screws

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