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Leather Sheath for Council Tool 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe

Leather Sheath for Council Tool 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe

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This is a custom sheath for the 2 pound Hudson Bay Camp Axe. It is only guaranteed to fit the 2lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe (18" or 24" handle). If you are considering purchasing this sheath for another axe please contact me before you make your purchase.

The sheath is made of 6-8 oz full grain leather with heavy stitching, heavy duty snaps and is treated with oils to protect the leather.  It is a custom sheath made for this axe and fits very well on the blade. 

This listing is the for the sheath only. THE HATCHET IS NOT INCLUDED. This design is available in different colors. If you would like one that you don’t see listed please message me.

Note: This sheath is very similar to the sheath for the Flying Fox hatchet but there is a small difference that impacts the fit.  The Flying Fox hatchet sheath will fit this axe but this sheath may not fit the Flying Fox hatchet.


English Bridal Leather, Brass, Steel Chicago Screws

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