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Leather Sheath for Collins 1 1/4 lb Premium Camp Axe

Leather Sheath for Collins 1 1/4 lb Premium Camp Axe

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This is a custom sheath for the COLLINS AXE 1 1/4 lb Premium Camp Axe (Hatchet). It is specifically designed and fitted to fit this axe (and therefore may not fit other axes that are similar but not the same).

The sheath is made from 6-8oz full grain leather.

The Saddle Tan and Oiled sheath is a golden brown with white thread and a silver snap. It is hand dyed, oiled and then has conditioner liberally applied and melted into the leather for extra protection. The color of this sheath may vary as the density of the oils will vary across the leather.

The medium and dark brown sheaths are pre dyed Italian leather and are very nice.

Many other color combinations are available, if you see a color combination on one of my other sheaths I can probably make one of these the same color so just ask.

IMPORTANT: This particular Collins hatchet is made in several slightly different sizes. Because of this the fit of this sheath will vary depending on the particular version of the hatchet you have. The sheath should fit all of the versions but will be tighter or looser on some. It should NOT slip off any of the versions without unsnapping it first.

This listing is the for the sheath only. THE AXE IS NOT INCLUDED.


English Bridal Leather, Brass, Steel Chicago Screws

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