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Leather Sheath for Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

Leather Sheath for Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

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ATTENTION: This is a custom sheath for the Cold Steel Trail Boss. It is only guaranteed to fit this particular axe. If you are considering purchasing this sheath for another axe contact me before you make your purchase.

The sheath is made of 6-8 oz full grain leather (typically 7.5 to 8oz). It has a full welt, heavy stitching and a heavy duty snap.

I use a combination of un-dyed and pre-dyed leather depending on color choice and the availability of some of the leathers. All of the leather is full grain and very high quality. The dyed leather is hand dyed and then finished with a conditioner that is liberally applied and melted into the leather.

The saddle tan and oiled sheath is first dyed then a light coat of Neatsfoot oil is applied and finally a heavy coat of conditioner is applied and melted into the leather. This sheath will have the most color variation as it is a light tan base that will show darker in areas that have higher concentrations of oils.

The pre-dyed leather is usually Italian 'Valdibrana' Vachetta leather. This is a very nice looking leather, tends to look a little more "finished" and is perfect for sheaths. (I say "usually" because not all of the colors are always available from the distributor.)

The sheath comes in many colors and can be made into just about any of the colors you see in my other sheath designs (just message me if a color you want is not listed).

This listing is the for the sheath only. THE AXE IS NOT INCLUDED.


English Bridal Leather, Brass, Steel Chicago Screws

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